What was your reaction to leaving Knight Rider after the first season?
I was surprised at the world-wide reaction I received, although it was quite flattering to realize that I was that popular. I suppose a lot of it is down to the fact that when people start watching a show they get used to the people in it and don't like change.

What was your view of Rebecca Holden(April) replacing you?
Rebecca Holden, who took over from me for the next season, was good and she developed her own fan following once the fans had adjusted to things!"

So is it true that you and Rebecca did not like each other?
It was just like a reunion party when I walked back onto the set of Knight of the Drones. People assume that there was this bitchy rivalry between Rebecca and me because she filled my shoes. But that's not the case at all. She's a really nice lady and we get on tremendously well. She wished me good luck when she left and I hoped that things would go well for her.

So what was the best part of you coming back after Season 2?
It was also great meeting David and Edward Mulhare after the year break. We got on like family and that goes for the crew as well as the cast. David and Edward told me that they wanted me back and perhaps that had something to do with it too. We're lucky because we all mix socially and have parties and things like that. It's not quite a 'bye 'bye I'm pleased to be off home affair.

What was your fan mail like?
You'd be surprised how much of it says things like: 'It's nice to see a woman computer technologist for a change'. In other words... a woman in a show with brains who isn't just a decoration or love interest. And it's fellas writing it not the women's libbers."

What was your most frightning on set experience?
Things can get a bit tough before the cameras, especially when you are involved in some of the heavy action. I remember there was a scene I had to do once in Knight of the Drones where I was supposedly unconscious and this other guy had to pick me up and put me over his shoulder before carrying me off somewhere. Well everything went according to plan and then he suddenly tripped on a camera cable or something like that and we both fell over. I nearly was unconscious then!

So what did you do when you were not shooting Knight Rider?
I guess we usually start filming at around 6:30am and often I'm not home until midnight. Everybody works hard. But there are quite a few moments when I'm not wanted and so I sit around the studio doing a lot of reading. I love books and also talking to people. I spend hours mingling with the members of the crew and chatting to them. It's quite fascinating learning all the stuff that goes on behind the cameras. I often manage to nip off and do some shopping for a couple of hours if a scene doesn't require my presence.

What is your family background like?
I was born in North West Washington State and my father was in the military. That meant that we moved around a lot and I went to loads of different schools. Most of my time was spent in France and you'd expect me to be able to speak the language, but I'm not fluent in it at all."Because of this nomadic existence it meant that my best friends were my brothers. It was difficult to be friends with anyone else, because as soon as I did, we'd be moving somewhere and I had to start all over again. But my brothers, being with me, were constant companions. We've always got on terrifically.

So what got you started in acting?
I always loved acting as a kid, but not with any intention of doing it for a living. I didn't even know you could. I used to make up stories a lot and do little plays. It was only when I went to school in San Diego that I met actors and actresses and did some acting in college. I got myself an acting coach too. But really it was commercial art that fascinated me and I majored in that at College. From there I went to work for a Los Angeles magazine whilst doing my acting classes on the side and ended up doing advertising. From there it was commercials before I took the plunge into full time acting!