It was 1870 in pensylvania coal mining territory, near Philladelpia. There's a bomb terror in mining, The Moly maguire is did it. They are the Ireland GangFire, dynamite gunner. Good Ireland come to mining, named James McParlan. He change his name to Jammie McKenna to hide his identity to the molly maguire whose leads by Jack kehoe the black jack. Frezier, Mc andrew and Dogherty are the members of The molly maguires. They has some many time make mining hit by dynamite, and train's mining was hit by too. McParlan luckily against them, he act as a member of Molly maguires but the trully isn't. He's a police's spy. Frezier was die shot. Kehoe, McAndrew and Dogherty hung. McParlan moves up to the higher job position and placed in denver Colorado.