The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)

It was a pilgrim come to town named Ransom Stoddard. He arrive and he has robbed. It's a sadness story. Liberty Valance robbed him. And the restaurantTom Doniphon with full of people, help him. Tom doniphon is a gunfighter, good gunfighter. he has a man helper named Pompey. The chef woman is beautiful, Hallie, Tom Doniphon loves her many many much. But then, Ransom loves her too. Liberty Valance and the gang, come back to twn and make a destruction. Ransom doesn't like it. Liberty Valance invite ransom to make a duel, death duel. Ransom can't shoot, can't hold the gun. But in that night, Liberty Valance is dead in Ransom's hand. The gang of liberty valance running out escape from the town. Ransom is become a teacher then, all people be a student of Ransom school. But Tom doesn't like about education in town, he make school end and finished. Tom teach Ransom how to hold a gun and shooting. Ransom is not able. Ransom is a weakman but a clever man, he knowing everything. That's why Dutton Peabody, a newsman, order Ransom to be a senator of U.S that happen on close time. All People in town are agree. And the congress of senator choosen is declare. Ransom Stoddard win and then become a senator and marry to Hallie. Tom Doniphon is still live as a gunfighter, good gunfighter with his man Pompey until he die.