They Wrote Comments To The Devil Inside

Malave : it was very funny
Hanshaw : i'm seeing it with my best friend
Princeton : I wanna see it but everyone said its not worthit...but i still wanna see it
Gillim : it should be know as a comedy ..its not scary at all
Riley : nooo! GREAT movie!
Brown : Yeah everyone is talking about how crappy this movie is.
Ignotum : going to see it tonight!! so excited
BordbAr : so funny
Sahagun: I'm going to watch it for the 2nd time,just because it's friday the 13th
Laflamme: i saw the movie it was awesome luved it
George : I dont care for thriller movies especially when those eyes look like they staring right through you. Pretty scarry
Grimes : no i'm going camping.
Leick : My wife loved it I thought it was a slap stick comedy
Jamison : Funny doee !
Hernandez :This move was alright but didn't like the end it finish fast
Robles :not scary:P
(from The Devil Inside Facebook Page)

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