Whatsapp video feature update

Whatsapp released an update for the video feature. This update allows users to watch live video within the app while viewing other messages. This feature is similar to the picture-in-picure feature of Youtube that can continue to play videos while browsing the other menus. Not just an update to the video feature, Whatsapp version 2.17.81 also updates to make it easier for users to record audio.

To be able to record audio in a long time, the user just drag the button recording upwards. Thus, users do not need to continue to press the record button located at the bottom of the screen, Metro and MacRumors reported. Later, WhatsApp has made many feature changes Previously, WhatsApp has released the deleted feature of messages that have been sent.

Unfortunately, the feature only applies to messages sent seven minutes before. Messages sent longer than the time limit can no longer be deleted. However, deleted messages still leave traces, because the recipient is notified that the sender of the message has deleted the message.

The message deletion feature also inspires Line, Whatsapp's competitors. Naver's instant messaging service also features a messenger deletion feature sent. But, Line time deletion of messages in the Line is longer. Messages in the last 24 hours can be deleted. In addition, there is no notification at all to the recipient of the message if there is deletion of messages that have been sent.

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